An experienced development economist with publications and research in energy, education, and health economics, macroeconomics and applied econometrics. 

I am a development economist with extensive experience in managing research as well as commercial entities. My research experience includes long tenures at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), which included managing research programs as well as conducting independent research on economic issues facing developing and resource economies. My research interests lie in energy economics, education and health economics, macroeconomics, and applied econometrics.

I was the Manager of the Economic Public Policy Program of the Techno-Economics Division at KISR, where I prepared and led the Program’s scientific research plans. Prior to joining KISR I was Chief of Research at PIDE where I oversaw and implemented the divisional research plan. I have been part of adjunct teaching faculty at American University of Kuwait (Kuwait City), Quaid-i-Azam University (Islamabad), and the Foreign Service Training Institute (Islamabad). My consulting clients include The World Bank (Islamabad), the United Nations Development Programme (Islamabad), the  Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion (New Delhi), the International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington, D.C.), and the Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (Gilgit). 

I received a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, where I studied as a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Scholar. My work has been published in internationally refereed journals, including Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Energy Economics, Education Economics, Australian Economic Papers, Water Resources Development, Desalination, The Pakistan Development Review, and many others. In addition, I have a large number of project reports to my credit that are based on research projects undertaken while at KISR and PIDE. Please refer to my Curriculum Vitae for a complete listed of published research and projects.


A. Alawadhi, N. A. Burney, A. Gelan, S. Al-Fulaji, N. Al-Musallam, W. Awadh. The Effect of Conservation on Residential Electricity Consumption: Evidence from Kuwait. International Review of Applied Economics (Forthcoming).

A. Alawadhi, N. A. Burney, A. Gelan, S. Al-Fulaji, N. Al-Musallam, W. Awadh (2021). The Effect of Conservation on Residential Fresh Water Consumption: Evidence from Kuwait. Economica Internazionale, 74(1): 47-82.

N. A. Burney, M. Alenezi, S. Hamada, and N. Al-Musallam (2019).  The Demand for Public and Private Medical Care Services: Evidence from Kuwait.  Economia Internazionale, 72(1): 107 – 138